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If you are an airline pilot, corporate pilot or flight attendant, your tax situation is unique. There are a number of IRS rules and regulations that apply specifically to our profession, which entitle pilots and flight attendants to take certain tax deductions. As a current, active line pilot and tax attorney, I specialize in pilot and flight attendant tax returns, and stay abreast of the regulations to ensure that you receive every tax deduction and credit available to minimize your tax burden and maximize your refund.

JetCrewTax Advantages

Industry Expertise

I have specialized in preparing airline crew tax returns since 2005. My clients include pilots and flight attendants for major, national and regional airlines nationwide (and some expatriates in overseas bases). As an active line pilot and attorney myself (licensed to practice before the U.S. Tax Court), I stay current on developments in tax law and IRS regulations to ensure that my clients are able to take advantage of every tax deduction legally available, year after year. I also provide tax planning and advice to help you find strategies to minimize your future tax burden.


No need to schedule an in-person appointment, or take time out of your busy schedule to travel to an accountant’s office. For your convenience, I make it as easy as possible for you to provide the information and documents needed to prepare your tax return electronically, via e-mail or fax (or by mail) - from any location, and at any time that suits you.

Personalized Service

As a sole practitioner, I prepare all of my clients’ tax returns personally. At many large, well-known tax preparation firms, your return is likely to be prepared by a part-time worker with little training or experience, and virtually no knowledge of the various airline crew tax deductions available. These potentially overlooked deductions could cost you hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars.

Client Testimonials

“For more than the last 5 years, Rob Perez of JetCrewTax has done my income tax returns. He is a true professional and has the knowledge and resources to answer all of my tax related questions. Before Rob started preparing my returns, I was not taking all of the tax deductions I was entitled to, and was paying more in taxes than necessary. Another great advantage of having Rob prepare my return was the customer service. He files my return electronically, with any refund direct quickly deposited to my account, or any balance due automatically debited to my account on the due date. I no longer have to worry about writing checks, having my return lost in the mail or having a refund check lost or stolen. As an airline pilot with a law degree and an MBA, Rob is uniquely qualified to handle your tax return or legal issues. Rob has my personal recommendation and endorsement!”

“Jet Crew Tax is the only place I trust to take care of all my tax and financial needs.”

“I have used Rob Perez, and JetCrewTax since the 2007 tax year, and cannot possibly recommend him enough. Over the years, Mr. Perez has [been] willing to run my numbers as many ways as possible, in order to maximize my return, without skirting any laws. I have had a number of different situations, from running my own D.B.A in Houston, TX to being employed by an overseas company, and paid in Hong Kong. As each issue came up in my financial life, Robert took whatever steps were required… if I have any questions regarding possible tax implications, I am always able to ask Mr. Perez for his advice, and receive said advice promptly.

All in all, I could not possibly be happier with the service, professionalism, and promptness displayed by Robert Perez, and JetCrewTax. I have advised many friends to use him, and will continue to do so, without any apprehension. There are not many professional accountants that understand our industry to the depths that he does, and of those, I don’t know of any that put in the efforts that Mr. Perez does to make sure all questions are answered promptly and accurately.”